Event Live Streaming Solutions

Ikonik delivers the industry’s most feature-complete live streaming solution available to make your event a success.

Live Encoding and On-Site Experts: We provide dedicated live encoding hardware, working with your venue to ensure proper bandwidth connectivity, and can even have a team of experts on-site to ensure a smooth streaming process.

Multi-Facility Audio/Video Connectivity: Simulcast your event to live audiences around the world. We’ve supported 3000+ global simulcast locations for the same event.

Global Network of Partnerships: We’ve cultivated a list of talented video production companies, live event producers, event registration platforms, and 3rd party virtual conference platforms that we love working with.

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What Can Ikonik Media Do for You?

Live Streaming Solutions

Broadcast globally at massive scale with Ikonik's industry-leading live streaming services for events and more.

Comprehensive Video Management

Ikonik's VXP™ flagship video experience platform makes managing and distributing your video content delightfully simple.

App Development

Our app development services can provide the best possible viewer experience across tv apps, mobile, and web for your events.

From Source to Screen

We can handle everything from live video encoding, content management, global delivery, and end viewer playback experience.

The Competitive Advantage

Customized Solutions

We pride ourselves on delivering one-of-a-kind, customized solutions to help you reach and exceed your strategic goals.

Relational Metadata

The foundation of our approach is providing intuitive tools to manage complex content relationships to drive unique, viewer-centered, dynamic experiences.

Hybrid Events

Hybrid events are a new normal. We have cultivated experience over a long history of working with both live and simulated live video presentation.

Accessibility & Viewer Engagement

Streaming live with multiple audio and subtitle languages is our wheelhouse. We are passionate about video accessibility. Live Chat, Polling, and Q&A engage remote attendees.

Our Mission

Ikonik’s ongoing value innovation has one clear goal:
to set our customers up for success by providing a strategic advantage through industry-leading feature implementation and proactive, consultative support.

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