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A staggering 56% of video consumption occurred on TV applications last year. 
Drive viewer engagement and scale seamlessly with Ikonik’s custom TV and streaming app development services.

Custom Solutions

Say goodbye to generic apps. Our team develops truly custom apps and viewer experiences unique to your business.

Ongoing Value

We empower our customers to curate and organize content within their apps, adding new pages, tabs, rows, and navigation, and content localization.

Integrated Analytics

We provide up to 40 dimensions of video engagement analytics that your business will not outgrow.

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The Competitive Advantage



We pride ourselves on delivering one-of-a-kind, customized solutions to meet your exact needs.



Connect your content and simplify your distribution process by leveraging our unique relational metadata tools.


Ease of

Our intuitive management tools mean you won’t need to contact a developer every time you’d like to make a change to your app or platform.


Media Lifecycle

Ikonik enables optimized workflows for live-to-archive, content availability and expiration, media replacement and recall, subtitling, alternate audio, virtual sub-clipping, and more.

Platform Expertise

What Can Ikonik Media Do for You?

Live Streaming

Broadcast globally at massive scale with Ikonik’s best-in-class live streaming solutions.

Comprehensive Video

Broadcast Cloud, Ikonik’s flagship video platform, makes managing and distributing your video content delightfully simple.

Intuitive Multi-Platform

Ikonik enables distribution of content to all your digital properties and channels easily and efficiently.

App Development

Our OTT app development services strike the perfect balance between operational simplicity and in-depth customization.
Our Mission
Ikonik’s ongoing value innovation has one clear goal: to set our customers up for success by providing a strategic advantage through industry-leading feature implementation and proactive, consultative support.

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