Ikonik VXP™ Video Experience Platform

The Ikonik VXP™ Video Experience Platform is the ultimate end-to-end OTT solution for discerning media content owners and digital publishers. To maximize the revenue and reach for your content, you need to engage viewers where and how they watch with flexible monetization options and measurable results.

Streaming video and OTT has become a way of life, with an estimated 3.48 billion video viewers worldwide this year. Meanwhile, subscription-based streaming platforms compete in a market of growing subscriber fatigue while FAST channels show increasing popularity. Ikonik VXP™ provides the tools and human-powered support needed to help you stand out and win in the exciting video streaming and OTT growth market.

Break through the noise with beautifully-designed apps that showcase your content with discoverability and viewer-centric recommendations. Seamlessly deliver video applications and monetize your content on web, Roku, AppleTV, Fire, AndroidTV, iOS and Android mobile, LG, Samsung, Vizio, and more.

TV App Development

Custom TV App Development for
Premium Brands and Content Owners.

The Ikonik Video Apps Engine™ is a premium VXP™ feature, extending its already powerful capability and giving you as the content owner direct control over your apps’ Pages, Tabs, Navigation, Grids, Rails, Permissions, and more!

We help your organization achieve significant savings on development hours which allows you to put valuable resources toward other areas. Video Apps Engine™ enables your team to easily and intuitively curate and optimize your content for better discoverability.

Live Events &
Virtual Conferences.

Deliver reliable, high-quality video backed by unparalleled customer support. At Ikonik, ease-of-use means that our tools are highly adaptive and designed to improve your production and broadcast-to-archive workflows.

Schedule an unlimited, concurrent number of media as simulated live to deliver your pre-recorded media as true live video to any device or platform.

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